Over the past 25 years, LeNir, Ltd. has worked with real estate owners across the United States and overseas to accomplish their goals, and successfully complete more than 20 major commercial, governmental and private development real estate projects - on time and on budget.


LeNir, Ltd. projects include:

Tempe City Center, Tempe, Arizona

Interstate Corporate Center, Tempe, Arizona

Wilson’s Creek School, Springfield, Missouri

Shell C-Store and Station, Tumon, Guam

Alupang Beach Tower, Tamuning, Guam

Tarza Waterpark, Tumon, Guam

Vista Village, Boise, Idaho
Y'pao Pao Estates


Groundwork for Success


At LeNir, Ltd., we lay the groundwork for success by providing real estate owners with complete project services and support in the areas of programming, planning, and project development. As we serve our clients, we always keep our mission at the forefront.


Our Mission “To serve as the owner’s alter ego throughout the development process, and ensure that the project is completed on time and on budget, while maintaining the integrity of the project.”

Delivering on our mission and keeping our tradition is important to us, because we know that what our clients develop will be here for a long, long time.


Our Roots


Passion, perseverance, integrity and attention to quality are a LeNir tradition. A tradition begun in 1938, when Grandpa LeNir broke ground for his family’s two-story log house in Kirkland, Washington.


Today, a family still enjoys living in the quality log home, and the house is listed on the National Historic Register.


The LeNir tradition of integrity, perseverance, and attention to quality continues.

LeNir LTD. 4940 E. Mill Station Rd, Suite 101-A • Boise, ID • 83716   Ph: 1.208.344.1131 • Fax: 1.208.344.1148 • email: info@lenirltd.com