Bridge Builders Award

The Bridge Builders Award honors civic leaders who have formed partnerships across racial, social, economic, and geographic barriers for the betterment of their communities. Through unique partnerships, these honored individuals pioneer programs and projects that stand as great examples to the power and possibility fostered when people put aside differences and join together for a common goal.

Harris Ranch is a pedestrian-friendly 1,300-acre master-planned community located in south east Boise. This project embraces the concepts of New Urbanism and Smart Growth, managing a careful balance between new development and the protection of the environment, wildlife habitat, and historic values in the Barber Valley. The Harris Ranch development was approved through Boise’s first Specific District Ordinance for 2,600 residential units and over a million square feet of commercial/retail space.

Dallas Harris completed the first Master Plan for Harris Ranch in March of 1976. That vision was sustained for many years through the efforts of Dallas and his wife, Alta. Daughters Felicia Burkhalter and Millie Davis, along with their brother Randy, are committed to completing that vision to honor their parents.

Early in 2005, the Harris Family hired LeNir Ltd. as development manager and adopted as their mission statement, “In a timely manner, to profitably sell the assets of Harris Ranch in a professional and businesslike atmosphere, demonstrative of the Owner’s commitment to the environment, the community and their heritage.”

The Harris family and their team initiated a series of charrettes in a collaborative transparent atmosphere to collectively plan Harris Ranch with their neighbors, government agencies, and environmental groups. That collaboration and transparency continues.

Doug Fowler is the Founder, President, and CEO of LeNir Ltd., a company founded in 1982, specializing in real estate development, project management, owner representation, and real estate consulting. For over 30 years, LeNir has worked on a number of projects including land development, mid-rise office buildings, 12-story condominiums, and retail development. Doug and his firm continue a legacy of excellence with the Harris Ranch development.

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